Pentecost Festival 2021


Pentecost Festival 2021!
21 - 22 - 23 May 2021 !
The Huelgas Ensemble in Talant (Burgundy)
Artistic director : Paul Van Nevel

The Huelgas Ensemble is a cultural ambassador for Flemish heritage

Unfortunately, after the overwhelming success of the first Huelgas festival in Talant in 2019, the second festival of 2020 cannot take place, due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. As a result of this force majeure, the Huelgas Ensemble is left with no choice but to postpone the festival to 2021. The programme of the Pentecost weekend 2021 (21-23 May) will be exactly that of 2020. We therefore invite you in advance to this celebration of polyphony: Talant 2020 est mort, vive Talant 2021!

The 2021 edition will not only continue the tried and tested philosophy with an intense bond between audience and performers, large concerts with adventurous experiments and unprecedented, yet high quality repertoire, but it will also include some new elements: surprising locations in the village, short intermezzi, new line-ups and unexpected repertoire will offer brand new experiences for the public.

In addition, we will once again enjoy the tranquillity and hospitality of the romantic village of Talant, with its extensive festival bar ‘Chez Josquin’. The immediate vicinity of Dijon also offers all facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, shops and public transport. Talant can even be reached on foot from Dijon.

A festival not to be missed!



  • 1. Programme (PDF)
  • 2. Philosophie (PDF)
  • 3. Practical information (PDF)
  • Your support is crucial !

    The Huelgas Ensemble does not have its own financial means to cover the costs that the festival entails. We are therefore looking for donors, patrons and regular sponsors from the business community who wish to support this important cultural event..

    Souvenirs of Talant 2019

    7 - 8 - 9 June 2019
    The Huelgas Ensemble in Talant (Burgundy)
    Artistic director: Paul Van Nevel 

    During the Pentecost weekend of 2019 a long-held dream came true:  the Huelgas Ensemble organized its very own festival for the first time. And it immediately became an absolute revelation in the densely populated festival landscape:  for the first time a festival took place dedicated to one ensemble with an exclusive repertoire.

    The concept succeeded in all ways:  for three days visitors to the festival could indulge in unprecedented vocal polyphony, enjoying perfect performances in the magical late Romanesque church of the tranquil village of Talant.

    The focus was on the three main evening concerts that were briefly but illuminatingly commentated by Paul Van Nevel, and during which a number of surprising experiments were conducted. In addition there were two late night concerts, lectures on the Burgundian Renaissance period, an organ recital and an initiation into Renaissance dance art.

    Last but not least, during the three-day festival bar ‘Chez Josquin’ an interaction was forged between the internationally colourful audience and the performers. The acclaim for these lively discussions was proven by the numerous responses that the ensemble received after the festival.

    This festival was made possible thanks to the financial support and encouragement of Mr Bart and Mrs Hilde De Moor - Devoghel.

  • program booklet (PDF)
  • Watch video "Talant 2019" (Klara - image Mark Janssens, editing Tom Brewaeys)
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      Images Luk Van Eeckhout