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Paul Van Nevel has a great number of publications to his name. The theme common to these publications is, of course, music, and in particular (how could it be otherwise?)polyphony. Presented below is a selection of his works.

Het landschap van de polyfonisten - The world of the Franco-Flemish School (1400-1600)
Photography: Luk Van Eeckhout
Why did the polyphonists all come from the same region of southwest Belgium and northern France? 
And and what was the influence of this region on their music?
A unique analysis of the environment - the ‘cultural landscape’ - of the 15th and 16th century musician.
The book includes a CD and no fewer than 168 beautiful photographs.
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Polyfonie en Ars Subtilior

This booklet is an introduction to the art of Ars Subtilior, the music that originated mainly in the south of France in the period from about 1360 to about 1415. It includes a short description of the style, the notation, the sources and the aesthetics.
 28 pages in length, with illustrations
Published by De Monte Leuven (1974) | only available in Dutch.

Johannes Ciconia (ca. 1370-1411): Een muzikaal - historische situering

In this book Van Nevel approaches Johannes Ciconia from the point of view of his music, with the intention of providing musicians with the basis for a responsible interpretation of his oeuvre. The book also formed the basis of the recording of the complete works of Ciconia, firstly on LP (for Musique en Wallonie) and later (in 1997) re-issued on CD by Pavane.
D/1981/2613/1 -  - 1981 - 144 pages - illustrated
Published by NV Jura, Berchem
French translation: D/1982/2613/6 - 1982
Published by De Notenboom

Nicolas Gombert en het avontuur van de Vlaamse polyfonie

This book was conceived as a guide for the interested listener and lover of polyphony. It describes the exciting period between the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 17th centuries, during which Flanders (as it then was) dominated Europe musically. Issues discussed include: where the polyphonists received their education, what did their task as member, singer or composer at a noble or royal court entail, how did they compose their works, what was the social context of their time... The book is accompanied by a CD with four works by Gombert, Binchois and Crecquillon.
The Dutch edition dates from1992. In 2004 the text was completely revised and published in French under the title "Nicolas Gombert et l'aventure de la polyphonie franco-flamande".
ISBN 90-73737-01-X - 1992
Published by Libri Musicae | available in Dutch and in French (1992)

Dertig jaar verslaafd aan Lissabon - Paul Van Nevel

Paul Van Nevel has two muses: music and poetry. In 1973 the poet Slauerhoff, with a blurry overseas voice, enticed him to Lisbon by means of poems describing aimless rambling through that city’s districts and singing the praises of Fado. Lisbon was never to let go of the young man.
‘The city was inexhaustibly generous with its popular, often un-European traditions, its literary emotions, its architectonic disarray, and, above all, with its masterly treatment of time, a life without hours, a total disregard for the European sense of time.’
Whenever his professional commitments and his bank balance permitted it, Paul Van Nevel would set off for a few days and nights in Lisbon. And that was practically once a month.
In this book he describes his thirty-year relationship with the city by means of atmospheric impressions, personal preferences, explicit details and chance encounters.
It becomes a love letter to the city. An addiction undergoes a gradual metamorphosis and turns into a love affair. This account does have certain things in common with a city guide. But then one omitting the obvious tourist points of interest which every travel guide is so keen on.
isbn: 9789064454288 · 2006 · paperback 17 x 21 cm – 264p. - illustrated
Prijs: € 22,50
Published by Epo | only available in Dutch.

For Bärenreiter (Kassel, Basel, London, New York) Paul van Nevel edited a number of instrumental works from the Renaissance in the series "Frutti Musicali". As the basis for this he took original source material and wrote out the scores in contemporary notation, thereby providing an important stimulus to the authentic performance of this music, by both professional musicians and advanced amateurs.

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