Een polyfone caleidoscoop 1350-1600

A polyphonic kaleidoscope

This programme highlights the development of polyphonic music, between 1350 and 1600, in all its diverse glory. An evening full of musical surprises, in which the audience can delight, this colourful journey includes: Italian works from the medieval period based on the principal of isorhythm (rhythmically highly complex compositions of the early Renaissance), the withdrawn melancholy of the French Renaissance chanson, and the emotional rollercoaster of the sixteenth century madrigal. This fascinating comparison of two worlds: the rhythmic complexity of the Middle Ages, and the poetic humanism of the Renaissance, makes for the most exciting musical adventure!
The programme includes three to seven voice works by anonymous composers and by Matheus de Sancto Johanne (Avignon, fl. c. 1380), Alexander Agricola (1446 - 1506), Jacob Clement (c.1515 - 1556), Cipriano de Rore (1516 - 1565), Nicolas Gombert (c.1500 - c.1560), Claude Le Jeune (c.1530 - 1600), Charles de Courbes (c.1580 - after 1622) and more. A mélange of secular and sacred pieces includes: chansons, rondeaux, gymel, madrigals, mass sections and motets.
Line-up: a cappella

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