Pinksterfestival 2019 - Festival de Pentec├┤te 2019 - Pentecost Festival 2019

For the first time in its existence, the Huelgas Ensemble presents and sings in its own festival, based on a new concept:  for three days the audience is engaged in an auditory adventure of unknown works (on which experiments are sometimes carried out), new forms, and interaction between performer and audience, all taking place in an exceptional location - the village of TALANT - with its beautiful late Romanesque church.
The audience is actively involved, both before, during and after the concerts.  A festival never to be forgotten.

Friday 7 June

- 20.00  Opening concert:
Polyphony at the Courts of the Burgundian Dukes and Emperor Charles V (1360 - 1550)
Before the concert the audience can choose from a list of 100 favourite pieces for inclusion in the final concert.
- 23.30 - 23.50
Fray José de Vaquedano (1642 – 1711): Lamentations of Jeremiah
Saturday 8 June

- 14.00  Promenade lecture
The history of Talant
- 16.00  Animation for children and their parents
Renaissance dances with flute and drum accompaniment
- 20.00  Gala concert: La polyphonie Européenne (1000 - 1600)
with experiments, interaction with the audience and commentary by Paul Van Nevel
- 23.30 - 23.50
Orlandus Lassus (1532 – 1594): Lamentations of Jeremiah
Sunday 9 June

- 15.00  Conference
David Fiala: La Cour de Bourgogne et sa musique
with musical examples from the Huelgas Ensemble
- 17.00  Chansons on the organ
Michel Villeminot will play diminutions and variations of chansons and motets on the church organ, initially sung by the Huelgas Ensemble.
20.30  Last night gala concert: Polyphonie à la demande
afterwards: party, dance and meet the artistic director and all the musicians…

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