Arcadia in Flandria - Facetten van de Franco-Vlaamse Polyfonie 1550-1600

Arcadia in Flandria – Facets of Polyphony 1550 - 1600

This programme paints a colourful portrait of the great age of polyphony. In the sixteenth century the world of music was completely dominated by Franco-Flemish composers. They all hailed from Franco-Flemish locations such as Cambrai (Kamerijk), Douai (Dowaai), Tournai (Doornik), Mons, Nivelles etc. and dispersed their art throughout Europe.

As singers and composers they went a long way in forming the musical lives of the most important institutions: the Vatican; the court of the Medicis; the Habsburgs in Spain, Vienna and Prague; at the French court; in Bavaria; at the court of the Sforzas in Milan, to name but a few. Over generations the style, which they developed, became the musical language of Europe. Now, as much as ever, the rich polyphony, the ornate contrapuntal constructions, the distinctive sound world exude wide appeal and fascination.

The repertoire comprises music from Orlandus Lassus, Nicolas Gombert, Claude Le Jeune, Jacob Clement, Pierre de Manchicourt, Jacobus de Kerle, Giaches de Wert, Philippus de Monte, Carolus Luython and Pieter Maessens. This diverse programme of secular and sacred music provides a fine synopsis of this astonishing cultural sphere.

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